As your Senator, I am committed to:

Being Actively Present in Community: Community engagement isn’t just being responsive to email. This work is more than nine to five. I will host townhalls, and I understand that townhalls aren’t enough. I am committed to meeting people where they are at – to being present at community events and spaces whenever I can, and to engage with people who only engage with politics when they are invited in. I’m ready to extend that invitation, and to listen, and to hear about the bad as well as the good. To make good decisions, based with and for us, I need to be connected with our communities.

Clear Communication: I will send out regular updates, both during session and outside of session, about the work I will be doing as your Senator. I am committed to being responsive and accessible. 

Fighting for More: Our communities are struggling. We need solutions that match the scale of the problems we face. We can’t govern from a position of fear. I will fight relentlessly to get our communities what they deserve.

Campaigning to Govern: Keeping statewide offices and winning a Senate Majority are necessary parts of achieving the work we’ve set out to do. Senate District 65 lags behind other parts of the city in voter turnout. I will not stop campaigning after the primary, and will keep knocking on doors, registering voters, and doing everything I can to increase turnout in our district. We know that our district is safe for legislative candidates, so my work will be to do everything I can to expand the electorate and to support the campaigns of Senate candidates who will have harder races. I will not let up. If we want to govern, we have to campaign like we mean it.

Join Us!

I know we can live in a state where everyone has access to the things that make their lives better.
This is the moment we must come together and to fight for it.